What Are the Different Units of the Whittier Police Department?

At the helm of the Whittier Police Department is the Chief of Police, who oversees the entire force and ensures its alignment with the department’s mission and vision. The department comprises several units, each specializing in a specific domain:

  • Crime Analysis and Reporting: This unit deals with the detailed study of crime trends in the city. They maintain daily crime data and provide insights that help in strategic decision-making.


  • Patrol Unit: The front liners ensure safety 24/7. They respond to emergencies, conduct regular patrols, and maintain visibility in the community.
  • Detective Bureau: specializing in extensive investigations, this unit digs deeper into cases, ensuring justice is served.
  • Traffic Division: Ensures the smooth flow of traffic and investigates related incidents. They also work on raising awareness about traffic rules and regulations.
  • Community Outreach: Engages directly with the community, creating awareness about safety measures, gathering feedback, and enhancing police-community relationships.

What is the History of the Whittier Police Department?

Founded in the heart of Whittier, the police department has evolved immensely since its inception. From humble beginnings with a handful of officers, the department has expanded its reach, now also covering the community of Santa Fe Springs. Over the decades, they have faced numerous challenges but have consistently showcased resilience, adaptability, and dedication. The department has always been at the forefront of integrating technology, ensuring they are always a step ahead in their crime-fighting capabilities.

How Does the Whittier Police Department Serve the Area?

In the realm of community collaboration, the Whittier Police Department shines brightly. They have taken the initiative to be actively present online, providing updates on the latest crime trends and safety tips. Platforms like Nextdoor offer insights into the prevalent issues, allowing residents to be proactive in ensuring their safety. The department emphasizes the importance of safeguarding one’s property, suggesting specific measures like not leaving valuables in parked cars, using quality locks, and considering door alarms.

The department believes in the importance of community awareness. Through platforms like Crimemapping.com, they share daily crime data with the public, ensuring transparency and enabling citizens to be vigilant.

An innovative approach taken by the department is its partnership with other agencies. This was evident when they collaborated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department during a recent incident, ensuring a cohesive and effective response.

Their relationship with the community is not just about policing. They genuinely care about the well-being and sentiments of the residents. Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri’s response to an incident involving an officer showcases the deep-rooted bond the department shares with the community. The mayor, reflecting the sentiments of many, requested prayers for the officer and thanked multiple cities that sent officers to help.

The Whittier Police Department remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the community with utmost dedication and professionalism. Their proactive approach, combined with community collaboration, is a testament to their relentless pursuit of a safer Whittier.

Address: Whittier Police Department 13200 Penn St, Whittier, CA 90602


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