Sections of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

WisDOT is well-structured, with various divisions and executive offices that collaborate effectively to ensure the agency’s goals are met. The Department’s leadership falls on the shoulders of the Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation, who oversees the daily operations. Major divisions within the agency include:

  • Division of Transportation System Development: This unit is in charge of transportation project design and construction, as well as the safety and efficiency of the state’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Division of Motor Vehicles: This unit is in charge of motor vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, and enforcing transportation laws and regulations.
  • Division of Transportation Investment Management: This division is tasked with strategic planning and economic analysis for transportation investments.
  • Division of Business Management: This division takes care of the administrative aspects, including finance, budgeting, human resources, and general services.
  • Division of State Patrol: This division ensures the safety of the state’s highways by enforcing laws and regulations related to road transportation.

History of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Founded as a state highway commission in the early 20th century, WisDOT has grown and evolved over the decades, adapting to meet the state’s changing transportation needs. With each passing year, the agency takes on new challenges, from maintaining an expanding highway network to integrating modern technology into its systems. WisDOT’s historical journey is marked by a consistent focus on safety and efficiency, core principles that continue to drive its mission today.

In recent years, WisDOT has proven its commitment to innovation, embracing a forward-thinking approach to transportation solutions. This commitment is a testament to the agency’s dynamic history and its readiness to shape the future of transportation in Wisconsin.

How the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Serves the Area

WisDOT serves the state of Wisconsin with an unwavering dedication to maintaining and improving the transport systems. Its collaboration with local communities, public authorities, and private entities ensures that its services touch every corner of the state. From its robust programs promoting safe driving to its ongoing maintenance of highway infrastructure, the agency’s services are deeply intertwined with the daily lives of Wisconsin residents.

To enhance its service delivery, WisDOT also maintains an active dialogue with the public. The agency values inclusivity and is always ready to listen to the communities it serves. This open communication fosters trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision for the future of transportation in the state.

The WisDOT is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the state. By maintaining integrity, diversity, excellence, and accountability in its work and relationships, it manages to maintain a broad range of transportation services that suit the unique needs of all residents, from city dwellers to rural communities. The agency’s commitment to these values is an integral part of its vision to provide a safe, efficient, and inclusive transportation system for all of Wisconsin.


Address: Headquarters: WisDOT main office, 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, WI 53705


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