What Are the Different Sections of the Wyoming Department of Transportation?

The Department is headed by Interim Director Darin Westby. The department has numerous sections, each serving specific functions:

  • Driver Services Program: This program maintains Wyoming’s driving records system, issues licenses, manages driver history records and oversees the process of suspending and reinstating driving privileges.
  • Vehicle Titles and Plates Division: This division is in charge of vehicle registration and license plate issuance.
  • Business with WYDOT: This section works with various private-sector partners to improve and sustain the state’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Construction and Engineering: The department’s engineers and technical support staff are engaged in the maintenance and improvement of Wyoming’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Wyoming Highway Patrol: A child agency of WYDOT, the Wyoming Highway Patrol is responsible for enforcing the law on the state’s roads and highways.

What is the History of the Wyoming Department of Transportation?

WYDOT was established in 1991, succeeding the Wyoming Highway Department and incorporating the Wyoming Aeronautics Commission and other transportation-related entities. Today, it operates as Wyoming’s largest and most widespread state agency, with approximately 2,000 employees based in about 60 locations throughout the state.

How Does the Wyoming Department of Transportation Serves the Area?

The Wyoming Department of Transportation holds a strong and significant relationship with the local communities it serves. Through consistent community engagement, the department endeavors to ensure safety and efficiency on the state’s roads. By offering regular updates on road conditions and traffic information through its Wyoming 511 service, the department strives to keep the public informed and secure on their journeys.

WYDOT collaborates extensively with numerous private sector partners in addition to providing a varied range of services to motorists. This collaboration is instrumental in maintaining and improving the state’s transportation infrastructure. WYDOT’s partnerships contribute to the sponsorship of millions of dollars of work annually, aiding in the development of highways, bridges, and other critical transportation structures.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation serves the area by generating employment opportunities for locals, hence contributing to the local economy. The department consistently seeks qualified professionals to join its ranks, offering a range of job roles from highway maintenance specialists to district traffic engineers.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation is a beacon of public service, ensuring the smooth operation of transportation infrastructure in Wyoming while keeping safety, efficiency, and community engagement at the forefront of its mission.

Address: The headquarters of the Wyoming Department of Transportation is located at 5300 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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