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How to Get a Crash Report, Instantly

At, we know how difficult life can be following a serious auto accident. If you don’t have the time or the means to drive to your local law enforcement agency to pick up a copy of your collision report in person, has got you covered. Get started now searching for your report now, so you can move forward with your life and focus on your recovery. Submit your accident information now to get assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Copy of My Accident Report from the Benson Police Department in Cochise County?

You can get a copy of your report at, or you can go through the Benson Police Department.The Benson Police Department offers two ways to obtain your Benson accident report.


You can visit the Cochise County Benson City Police Department in person to obtain a copy of your collision report. The Police Department is located at:360 S. Gila Street Benson, Arizona 85602. At the Police Department in Cochise County, you will need to fill out a Public Records Request Form and pay the required fee.

By Phone

Contact the Benson Police Department to request a copy of your accident report over the phone. You will be notified via phone when your Cochise County crash report is available for pick up. Benson Police Department contact information:
Phone: (520) 586 – 2211

How Much Does a Police Report Cost?

Benson City and Snowflake-Taylor police reports will cost $8.00 for the first ten pages and $0.25 per additional page.

What Law Enforcement Agency Handles Crash Reports Outside of Local Jurisdiction?

If your accident occurred on a highway or in an area outside of the city in Cochise County, contact the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office can provide copies of the following records:

  • Cochise County arrest records
  • Collision reports
  • Criminal records
  • Local crime stats

Why Do I Need to Obtain a Copy of My Crash Report?

An auto insurance claim is a request for financial compensation that a driver can file with an insurance company after they have been injured or their car has been damaged in an auto accident. When you file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, you must prove that the other driver was liable for the accident. Obtaining a copy of your collision report can provide proof that the other driver was negligent. Benson police reports are filled out by law enforcement officers at the scene of an accident. These forms contain information concerning the details of the accident, including who the police officer believes is to blame for the collision, which is why obtaining this report and filing it with your insurance claim or a lawsuit is so important.But getting your crash report can be a complicated process, especially if you’re unable to drive due to your injuries or your vehicle was totaled in the crash. That’s where comes in.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Benson AZ Accident Report Online?

Following a motor vehicle collision, the accident victim may be seriously injured and unable to return to work or even drive, due to their injuries. If they’ve missed several days or weeks of work, they may also be struggling financially. If you’re out of work and recovering from your accident-related injuries, you must file a claim for compensation as soon as possible, to cover the cost of medical bills, vehicle repairs, or the replacement of your damaged vehicle, and to cover the cost of other losses. At, we’ve made it simple for accident victims to quickly search for and locate their collision reports in Arizona, online. At, you can search our crash report information center to locate a copy of your report, as soon as it’s available. Fill out the form on this page and enter your accident information to get assistance.

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