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At AccidentReports.com, you can take advantage of our comprehensive accident report information center to obtain a copy of your crash report online, as soon as it’s available. To start your search now, fill out the form on this page and submit your accident information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Yolo County Accident Report?

You can get a copy of your Davis police report at AccidentReports.com, or you can go through the Davis Police Department. The Davis Police Department provides services to accident victims including an online crime reporting system and three ways to request a copy of a traffic report.

Public Records Request In-Person

You can visit the Davis Police Department in person, to fill out a Records Release Form. You must show your valid photo ID and pay the crash report fee at the time of pick up. The Davis Police Department is located at:2600 Fifth StreetDavis, CA95618

By Phone

Contact the police department by phone to request a copy of your traffic accident report. The report must be picked up in person once it’s available and your order has been processed.

By Fax

Contact the Davis Police Department to learn how to request a copy of your traffic report via fax.

How Much Do Accident Reports Cost?

Davis Police Department accident reports may cost $8 to $24 per copy.

What Information is in a Collision Report?

Collision reports are created by police officers who respond to the scene of an accident. These reports contain basic information such as:

  • The contact details of all parties involved
  • The time, date, and location of the crash
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Any citations issued
  • Any arrests made

Reports also include descriptions of vehicle damage and bodily injuries, weather conditions, anything that may have contributed to a crash, such as road work, debris on the road, traffic jams, and the police officer’s accident investigation findings.The accident investigation summary details how and why the accident took place and which driver the officer believed was negligent.

Who Can Get an Unredacted Traffic Report?

Eligible persons include all parties involved in the crash, the parent or legal guardian of a minor involved, owners of vehicles, insurance companies, and accident attorneys.

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Collision Police Report?

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, you might be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of all accident-related expenses. Getting a copy of your crash report is a step in the right direction since this document can help strengthen your claim and prove the other driver was negligent. These reports include vital information, such as the police officer’s opinion regarding how and why the accident took place and which driver they believed was negligent. Other helpful information can include any traffic citations issued, a diagram of the accident scene, a description of any injuries you sustained, vehicle damage, and weather and road conditions. Your accident lawyer will use the information in this report to help strengthen your claim and prove the other driver should be held accountable for their negligence.

How Can I Get My Police Crash Report Online?

At AccidentReports.com, you can search our comprehensive accident report data center to obtain a copy of your California crash report as soon as possible. Searches are safe, secure, and simple. Start your search by filling out the form on this page and submitting your accident information to get assistance.

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