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How AccidentReports.com Can Help

At AccidentReports.com, we make obtaining a copy of your crash report fast and simple. Our site features an accident report information center that you can use to search for a copy of your traffic police report and get your copy as soon as it’s available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Copy of My El Mirage Collision Report?

You can obtain a copy of your accident investigation report from AccidentReports.com or you can get your copy from the El Mirage Police Department. The El Mirage Police Department offers three ways to get a copy of your El Mirage accident report.


You can request a copy of your police report in person. Call prior to picking up your report to ensure it’s available. The El Mirage Police Department is located at:12401 W Cinnabar Ave El Mirage, AZ85335

By Mail

You can visit the Police Department’s website and print the online Record Request Form, fill it out, and mail it to: El Mirage Police Department12401 W Cinnabar Ave El Mirage, AZ85335You will be charged an extra $1.50 to have your report mailed to you.

Purchase Your Accident Report Online from a Third Party

The El Mirage Police Department works with a third party that provides copies of El Mirage accident reports online for a fee. To learn more, visit the Police Department’s website.

When Will My Accident Report Be Available?

A request for crash reports will be completed within ten business days of submission. If your report is not ready within ten business days, you’ll be notified by phone.

Why Isn’t My El Mirage Accident Report Ready After Ten Days?

Certain El Mirage police reports cannot be released without an order from the court. This may be due to an active criminal investigation, or in the event, the accident resulted in a fatality. For more information, contact the El Mirage Police Department.

How Much Does a Report from the El Mirage PD Cost?

The PD accepts cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit cards. Cash is not accepted. Copies of accident reports are $10.00

Where Do I Get a Copy of My Accident Report in AZ if My Accident Took Place on a Highway?

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident on a highway in Arizona and you don’t have the report ID, you can try checking with the local Sheriff’s Departments:

  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Elbert County Sheriff’s Office
  • Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pershing County Sheriff’s Office
  • Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office
  • Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office

Why Do I Need to Obtain a Copy of My Traffic Report?

When you’re involved in an auto accident in Maricopa County, El Mirage police reports can contain vital information that you’ll need when it comes time to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim. But obtaining a copy of an accident report isn’t as easy as it should be. Many law enforcement agencies will only provide a copy by mail or in person. If you live out of town or out of state, and you’ve sustained injuries, you don’t have time to waste. You need this important document to file an insurance claim or lawsuit as soon as possible.

What Other Reports and Services are Available Through the El Mirage Police Department?

  • Arrest reports
  • Booking reports
  • Judicial reports
  • Background checks

What’s the Fastest Way to Get My Accident Report?

Life after a severe auto accident can be very stressful. Injured accident victims may be out of work, unable to drive, and faced with the financial burden of ongoing medical expenses, and the cost to fix or repair their vehicle. If you were involved in an auto accident and you don’t have time to wait for it to arrive in the mail, or you’re unable to travel to the Police Department to pick it up in person, AccidentReports.com can help. Search our crash report information center now to get a copy of your AZ crash report as soon as it’s available.

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