Globe Accident Reports

The Fastest Way to Obtain a Copy of Your Accident Report in Gila County

At, we’ve created a crash report information center that allows you to search for your traffic report and get a copy the minute it’s available. By filling out the form on this page and submitting your accident information, you can easily locate your crash report online, from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Globe City Collision Report from the Globe Police Department?

You can get a copy of your traffic police report at or you can go through the Globe Police Department. The Globe Police Department offers two ways to obtain a copy of your Globe police records.


You can pick up a copy of your Globe accident report by visiting the Police Department and filling out the Records Request Form. The Globe Police Department is located at:175 North Pine Street Globe, Arizona 85501

By Mail

Fill out the online Public Record Request Form found on the Globe Police Department website and mail it to:175 North Pine Street Globe, Arizona 85501

How Much Does a Police Auto Accident Report Cost?

The fee for Globe and Safford police reports is as follows:

  • $10.00 for reports one to fifteen pages
  • $12.00 for reports that are sixteen to twenty pages
  • $14.00 for reports that are twenty-one to twenty-five pages
  • $16.00 for reports twenty-six to thirty pages
  • $18 for reports thirty-one to fifty pages
  • $28.00 for reports fifty-one pages to one hundred pages

The Globe PD does not accept online payments at this time.

When Will My City of Globe Collision Report Be Available?

Accident reports and Globe police records are typically filed twenty-four to forty-eight hours after an accident has occurred. Before you pick up a copy of your accident report from the Globe Police Department, contact the PD by phone to ensure your report is available. In some cases, a report may not be available for ten to fourteen business days. If the accident involved injuries, fatalities, or a criminal incident, it may not be available for several weeks or months. Additionally, a collision report containing criminal activity will often redact the identities of victims and their contact information. For more information, contact the Police Department directly.

What If My Accident Took Place Outside of Globe City?

If your accident occurred on a highway or outside the city’s limits, contact the Gila County Sheriff’s Office at:(928) 474-2208The Sheriff’s Office currently does not accept online payments for collision reports at this time.

What Other Police Records and Reports are Available Through the Globe PD?

You can fill out a Records Request Form to obtain copies of:

  • Globe mugshots and police reports
  • Globe police and arrest records
  • Background investigation and criminal investigation reports
  • Criminal history report
  • Arrest records

For criminal court information, visit the Globe Criminal court located at:150 N Pine St, GlobeAZ 85501For vital record information, contact the following government agencies:Gila County of Vital Records, located at:1400 E. Ash StreetGlobe, AZ85501The Gila County of Vital Records accepts online payments at this time.

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Crash Report?

Globe, a mining town in Arizona, has a colorful history that makes this attractive location a popular destination in Arizona. However, even in this small AZ town, auto accidents still happen often.While auto accidents are very common, we’re never prepared for an accident to happen to us. After an accident in Gila County, you must file an insurance claim to receive compensation for your injuries, the damage done to your vehicle, and any other losses. For a successful claim, you must prove the other driver should be held liable for the accident and the damages you incurred as a result. Obtaining a copy of your AZ accident report can help strengthen your claim. Globe police reports contain information that will help an insurance adjuster determine who should be held at fault for the accident. The police officer who responded to the scene of the accident will investigate the collision and document important information, such as the damage done to each vehicle, any injuries sustained by the drivers and/or passengers, and includes the law enforcement officer’s opinion concerning how they believe the accident occurred and who should be held responsible. In many cases, it can be very difficult for the accident victim to obtain a copy of their collision report from police agencies in person, especially if they sustained severe injuries in the accident or their vehicle was totaled. Most law enforcement agencies require accident victims to request a copy of their report in person, or by mail. However, if you intend to file a claim for compensation, you may not have time to wait several days or weeks for your accident report to arrive in the mail. So, what’s the solution?

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Copy of My Accident Report?