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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Obtain a Copy of My Crash Report from the Goodyear Police Department in Maricopa County?

You can get a copy of your Goodyear City police report from, or you can go through the Goodyear Police Department.The Goodyear Police Department offers two ways to get your Goodyear accident report. At this time, the department does not accept mail requests or email requests, only walk-in requests, and phone requests.

In-Person Requests

To request your Goodyear Police Department records in person, you can visit the Goodyear Police Department headquarters located at:11 N 145th Ave, Goodyear, AZ 85338.When you visit the police department in Goodyear City, you must fill out a Public Records Request Form for your crash report. The same Request Form can be used to obtain all types of police records from Goodyear City PD. During your visit, you must show your valid photo identification card and pay the accident report fee.

Call to Request a Copy of Your Maricopa County Goodyear Police Department Crash Report

You can contact the Goodyear Police Department to request a copy of your initial report. If you provide your contact details you will receive a phone call when your report is available for pick up.

How Much Do Maricopa County Goodyear Police Records Cost?

Goodyear PD and Glendale police reports cost $0.50 per page. The form of payment accepted includes cashier’s checks, money orders, or cash. Credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks are not accepted.

What Other Goodyear Police Records are Available for Citizen Request?

Goodyear City PD accepts walk-in requests and phone requests for the following Goodyear police records:

  • Criminal history report
  • Arrest records
  • Local crime rates report

If you include your contact details, such as your phone number and email address, you will be contacted when your records are available for pickup. At this time, the department is not accepting mail requests for police records.

Why Is My Collision Report Not Available?

If you have waited for five to seven business days and your Goodyear City accident report is still unavailable, there may be an open administrative investigation. Accidents that involve a crime, severe injuries, or a fatality may not be available for several weeks or months.

Does the Goodyear City PD Handle Vital Records Requests?

No. For vital records, you must visit the Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration to request a birth or death certificate or civil court records.The Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration is located at:301 West Jefferson StreetPhoenix, Arizona 85003

What Other Records and Reports are Available from the Goodyear City Police Department?

  • Inmate records
  • Inmate booking reports
  • Police investigation reports
  • Jail records
  • Criminal records
  • Judicial reports
  • Motor vehicle theft reports

To learn more, visit the Goodyear Police Department website.

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Crash Report?

An auto accident can change your entire life, instantly. You may have sustained catastrophic injuries and are unable to work, as you struggle to make it to doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments. Filing an insurance claim or lawsuit may not be at the top of your list during this stressful time, but it should be.If you plan to pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages, you need to obtain a copy of your Goodyear City police report from the local law enforcement agency. Goodyear police reports contain important information that can help prove the other driver should be held liable for your losses.At the scene of a motor vehicle collision, a police officer will fill out an official accident report. This report contains information such as the position of both vehicles, the law enforcement officer’s opinion regarding who they believe was at fault, and other important details that can be crucial in an insurance claim, criminal investigation, or lawsuit.A Goodyear Police Department’s officer will file the report twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the accident took place. Once the initial police report has been filed, you can obtain a copy for your records, or submit the report with your insurance claim or lawsuit.

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Copy of My Collision Report?

You can obtain a copy of your crash report online at Use our accident report information center to begin your Goodyear police records search and obtain a copy of your Arizona crash report the moment it’s available.Fill Out the Form on this Page to Find a Copy of Your Auto Report, Instantly

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