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TX Crash report Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Killeen Police report?

You can get a copy of your Killeen police report at AccidentReports.com, or you can go through the Killeen Police Department.

The Killeen Police Department offers two ways to request a copy of your traffic accident report.



Visit the Killeen Police Department in person and fill out a Release of Records Form to request a copy of your incident report. You will need to provide additional information, such as the name of another person involved, the city the crash occurred in, and report number (if available). 

The Killeen Police Department is located at:

3304 Community Blvd.
Killeen, TX

Police Department Phone: (254) 501-8830

Police Department Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.


Contact the Killeen Police Department to find out how you can request a copy of your collision report online.

How Much Do Killeen police department Accident reports Cost?

A Killeen City Police Department Accident report  may cost $6 to $25 per copy, depending on the length of the report.


What Information is in a TX Collision report?

A crash doc is filled out by an officer from the Killeen Police Department. Police department reports are very detailed and contain information such as:

  • Time of accident 
  • Date of accident 
  • Location of accident
  • Contact details for all parties involved
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • If an arrest was made or a citation was issued 
  • Vehicle registration
  • License plate numbers
  • Description crash and diagram of the collision site
  • Type of crime (if any)
  • Name of Killeen Police Department officer that took the report 

In a report, you’ll also find the crash narrative, detailing what caused the accident, how it occurred, and which party the police officer believed was responsible. Additionally, you’ll find witness statements and contact information, statements made by drivers and passengers, a description of any injuries and vehicle damage, and anything that may have contributed to the crash such as inclement weather or road closures.

Who Can Get an Unredacted Killeen police department Crash report?

Eligible persons who can obtain a copy of a Killeen City crash report include all parties involved, the parent or guardian of a minor, Insurance companies, accident attorneys, and registered vehicle owners.

When Will My Killeen police department Crash Records Be Available?

In most cases, a Killeen police report will be available within seven to ten business days. Reports for fatal accidents, collisions involving a crime, or crashes that involved significant property damage may be unavailable for several months, until an investigation has concluded. 

What Other Records, Reports, and Services are Available from the Killeen police department?

  • Community crime map 
  • Background checks
  • Fingerprinting 
  • Arrest records 
  • Information on warrants 
  • Public safety reports 
  • Booking information 
  • Accident investigation reports 
  • Killeen City Jail inmate information 

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Killeen Police report?

After you sustained injuries in an auto accident that was not your fault you must prove the other driver was negligent and should be held liable for your damages. Incident reports contain vital information that may help prove liability, such as the crash narrative, detailing which party the Killeen Police Department officer believed was negligent, how the accident occurred and why, a description of your injuries, diagram of the accident site, and anything that may have contributed to the crash. A personal injury attorney will use the information in an accident report when negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company to fight for a fair settlement.

How Can I Get My Killeen PD Crash report Online?

At AccidentReports.com, you can get a copy of your Texas accident report using our crash report information center. Searches are fast and simple. To start your search now, fill out the form on this page and provide your accident information to get assistance.

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