Maricopa Accident Reports

A Faster Way to Get a Copy of Your Maricopa County Collision Report

At, we know how important it is to get a copy of your Maricopa Police Department report as soon as possible. We’ve created a collision report information center that makes searching for your report a cinch. Now, there’s finally a fast and simple way to get your crash report when you need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a Copy of My Maricopa Police Department Collision Report from the Maricopa Police Department?

You can get a copy of your police report at, or you can go through the Maricopa Police Department. The Maricopa Police Department offers two ways to obtain a copy of your crash report.

In-Person Requests

You can visit the Maricopa Police Department in person to request a copy of your Maricopa accident report. Fill out the Records Request Form and include as many details as possible, such as:

  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Full name of the drivers involved
  • Vehicle VIN number
  • Report number if available

The Maricopa Police Department is located at:39675 W. Civic Center Plaza Maricopa, AZ85138

Mail-in Requests

Fill out the online Maricopa County Records Request Form and mail it to the Maricopa Police Department at:39675 W. Civic Center Plaza Maricopa, AZ85138

How Much Does a Maricopa Police Department Collision Report Cost?

Maricopa police reports cost $8.00 for the first twenty pages and $0.15 per additional page. Accepted forms of payment include personal checks, business checks, money orders, valid credit cards, and debit cards.

How Long Does it take to Receive a Copy of My Maricopa Police Department Collision Report?

Depending on report availability and whether the accident involved non-criminal incidents such as serious injuries or fatalities, it can take up to ten business days before your Maricopa Police Department crash report is available. If your report is still unavailable after ten business days, contact the Maricopa Police Department at: Phone: (520) 316-6800. If the collision involved an incident such as fatal injuries, any type of criminal activity, significant bodily injury or vehicle damage, your report will be unavailable until the police investigation has concluded. In many cases, a fatal traffic accident report must be picked up in person. Contact law enforcement services to learn more.

What Other Maricopa County Police Records are Available Through the Maricopa PD?

You can fill out the Public Records Request Form to receive copies of detailed records and reports, including:

  • Police crime statistics annual reports
  • Criminal reports involving federal charges, including murder charges
  • Arrest records containing felony charges
  • City policy reports
  • Background checks
  • Local law enforcement existing policies
  • Crime map by location and reports by address

For criminal and civil court records, visit the Maricopa Municipal Court, located at:300 W Washington St Phoenix, AZ85003. Or the Maricopa County Superior Court, located at:201 W. Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ85003

What's in a Traffic Incident Report?

  • Time, date, and location of the accident
  • The name and contact details of each involved party
  • A diagram of the accident scene
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Vehicle plate numbers
  • Actions of police officers
  • Incident type
  • A description of bodily injuries
  • A description of vehicle damage and personal property damage
  • Anything that may have contributed to the accident, such as missing traffic signs or inclement weather.

Who Can Get an Unredacted Crash Report?

  • Each involved party
  • The parent or guardian of a minor
  • A personal injury lawyer
  • Vehicle owners
  • Insurance companies

What if I Can't Locate My Collision Report?

If the police department does not have your report on file, your accident may have occurred outside of the department’s jurisdiction. Contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to determine if one of their deputies responded to the scene of your accident.

  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Phone: (602) 876-1000
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Address: 550 W Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

If the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office does did not take your traffic accident report, you can call other local law enforcement agencies, including:

  • Mesa Police Department
  • Peoria Police Department
  • Buckeye Police Department
  • Goodyear Police Department
  • Surprise Police Department
  • Glendale Police Department

Why Do I Need to Obtain a Copy of My Traffic Crash Report?

When you’re involved in an auto accident in Maricopa County, you must prove to the insurance company that the other driver should be held liable for your damages, including your medical expenses and vehicle repairs. Before you file a claim, you need to obtain a copy of your accident report. This report is filled out at the scene of the accident, by the police officer who responded to the scene. In this report, you’ll find important information, such as a description of the damage done to all vehicles involved, contact information for the drivers and passengers, and the police officer’s opinion concerning who they believe is responsible for the accident. Your personal injury attorney can use the information in the investigation report to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. But obtaining a copy of your Maricopa Police Department crash report can be a hassle and a complicated process. You may be required to pick up a copy of the report in person or spend several days or weeks waiting for it to arrive in the mail. If you’re out of work and struggling to make ends meet, you may not have time to wait.

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Copy of My Maricopa Police Department Online Report?

If you’re recovering from serious injuries or your vehicle was totaled in the accident, then it may not be possible to pick up a copy of your Maricopa County report in person. Additionally, if you’re out of work due to your injuries, you may not have time to wait for a complete report to arrive in the mail. That’s where comes in. Take advantage of our crash report information center and search for your Maricopa County accident report now. Searching for your collision report is fast and easy. Now, you can search for your crash report from law enforcement agencies all over the state of Arizona, including the Maricopa PD. Get started searching for your collision report, now.

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