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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Report?

You can get a copy of your Minneapolis police report at AccidentReports.com, or you can go through the Minneapolis Police Department and obtain your report in three ways.

Report Requests In-Person

Visit the Minneapolis Police Department in person and fill out an Accident Request Form to get copies of police reports. The department is located at: Minneapolis Police Department 3101 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN55408

Traffic Crash Report Requests By Mail

Fill out a Records Request Form to obtain copies of police reports and mail it to: Minneapolis Police Department 3101 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN55408You must include a self-address, stamped envelope, and payment along with your written request.

When Will My Accident Report Be Available?

You must wait for ten to fifteen business days before your citizen crash report is available. An accident that involves a fatality, personal injuries, crimes, or significant property damage may be under an ongoing investigation. This means your traffic citizen report may be unavailable for several weeks or months.

How Much is a Citizen Crash Report?

Minneapolis and St. Paul accident reports are $6-$15 per report.

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Collision Report?

If you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident you may be pursuing a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit. Obtaining your citizen crash report as soon as possible after your accident can help prove the other driver should be held liable for damages. An accident report includes important information such as the responding police officer’s opinion regarding who they believe caused the accident. Additionally, if a crime was committed or traffic laws were violated, the accident report will also contain this information. Other useful information in a traffic citizen report that can help strengthen a personal injury insurance claim includes a description of personal injuries and vehicle damage, a description of the accident scene, accident details such as contributing factors to the collision including bad weather or poor road conditions, and more. An accident attorney can use the public information report as leverage to negotiate a full and fair settlement for your injuries, lost wages, vehicle damage, and other losses.

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