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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Copy of My Santa Cruz County Accident Report from the Nogales Police Department?

You can get a copy of your crash report from, or you can go through the Nogales Police Department.The Nogales Police Department in Santa Cruz County offers two ways to obtain a copy of a Nogales accident report.


To obtain a copy of your Nogales accident report, you need to visit the Nogales Police Department and fill out a Public Records Request Form. The Santa Cruz County Nogales PD is located at: 777 N. Grand Ave Nogales, AZ, 85621

By Phone

You can call the Santa Cruz County Nogales Police Department in Nogales City and request a copy of your collision report.You will need to provide your name, number, and accident report number, if available. When the report is ready, you will be notified by phone. You can contact the Nogales Police Department at (520)287-6571.

What’s in a Santa Cruz County Accident Report?

A Santa Cruz County accident report is filled out by law enforcement officers and contains details of the collision, including:

  • The property/people/vehicles involved
  • Statements from the drivers and passengers, as well as witnesses
  • The officer’s conclusions or findings as to why or how the accident may have happened.
  • There is usually a diagram of the accident included, which will show how the vehicles were found at the scene of the accident.

The report is generated by the investigating police officer and is filed with the local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.

How Much Does a Santa Cruz County Collision Report Cost?

Nogales and Payson police reports will cost $5.00 for the first ten pages and $0.25 per additional page.

When Will My Santa Cruz County Collision Report Be Available?

In Santa Cruz County, crash reports are available within seven to ten business days. For complex auto accidents that involve multiple vehicles, a fatality, or a criminal incident, the report may be unavailable for undetermined periods of time.

What if My Accident Occurred Outside of the Nogales Police Department's Jurisdiction?

If your accident occurred outside of Nogales City, you can contact the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, the Chandler Police Department, or other county agencies.

What Other Records and Reports are Available in Santa Cruz County?

At the Nogales Police Department in Santa Cruz County, you can fill out a Request Form for:

  • Background check requests
  • Inmate search
  • Bond information
  • Inmate records search
  • Arrest inquiries
  • Arrest records
  • Nogales mugshots and police reports
  • County roadway safety records

The Nogales criminal courts maintain police records, mug shots, and warrants, as well as arrest records.

Why Do I Need to Obtain My Accident Report?

Santa Cruz County accident reports are created by on-duty police officers who respond to the scene of auto accidents. This document includes all of the important incident details, such as statements made by drivers, passengers, eyewitnesses, and other important information that can paint a clear picture concerning what led up to the accident. Nogales police reports can hold a lot of weight with insurance adjusters and attorneys, especially if a report indicates that one driver bears most of the fault in a collision. So, a crash report can prove to be a crucial piece of the auto accident lawsuit or car insurance claim puzzle.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Santa Cruz County Crash Report Online?

At, you can obtain a copy of your Arizona accident report by searching our collision report information center. At, we know how important it is to file your insurance claim or lawsuit as soon as possible during this difficult time. Our site makes it easy for accident victims to get a copy of this important document online, as soon as it’s available. If you want to pursue a claim, a crash report is a key piece of evidence that can increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses and other losses. Don’t put off obtaining your accident report, get started searching now. Fill Out the Form on this Page to Find a Copy of Your Auto Report, Instantly