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Frequently Asked Questions

Three Ways You Can Obtain a Copy of Your Crash Report in Tucson, AZ

This type of report writing is completed by the law enforcement officer who responded to your accident. Once the report writing has been completed and the collision report has been filed, there are three ways you can obtain a copy of the accident policy report:

Public Records Request a Copy of Your Tucson Police Department Accident Report By Mail

An accident policy report is considered a public record. To request a copy of your report, you must first download the public request form found on the police department’s website.You must include your full name, contact information, the case number, or the location of the incident, and the date and time the accident took place. Certain information may be redacted in the report, or the crash report may not be available immediately, depending on the status of the investigation.You can mail the completed form to:ATTN: Police Records1601 S. Sixth Ave.South Tucson, AZ85713Once the completed policy report request form is received, you will be contacted concerning the status of your request. It may take several business days before you receive your copy in the mail.

Request Records In Person

You can visit the Tucson Police Department in person to request a copy of your Tucson car accident collision report.

Obtain a Copy of Your Report Online from Other Sites

The Tucson Police Department does not offer copies of online reports, although, you can obtain digital copies of your accident report online. However, many of these sites can be difficult to use and do not contain copies of reports from every law enforcement agency in the state.

What is the Cost for Copies of an Accident Report?

Paper copies of an accident report from the Tucson Police Department are $5 for a fifteen-page report. You will be charged an additional $.25 per page for a report that is longer than fifteen pages. If you’re requesting copies of records by mail, you can pay the fee by money order. When requesting a copy in person, the fee can be paid by money order, cash, or credit card.

Why Can’t I Find a Copy of My Tucson Police Department Accident Report?

If you’ve conducted a police report lookup and you’re not able to find your Tucson accident report online, you may have gotten some of the information wrong, such as the date or location of the accident. In other cases, if you’ve done a record search and no results are available, your report may not be ready because the responding police officer from the Tucson Police Department has not filed the report yet. Basic incident reports are often available sooner than accident reports that are related to an ongoing investigation.

Can I Obtain a Copy of My Accident Report from the Tucson Police Department?

You can obtain a copy of your report directly from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department at:Pima County Sheriff’s Department1650 E. Benson Hwy, Suite CTucson, AZ85714-1758Business Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

When Can I Get a Copy of My Collision Report in Tucson?

Agency report forms from the Tucson Police Department are usually available three to five business days from the date of the accident. If your report still isn’t available after five business days, you can contact the Public Records Section at (520) 622-0655.

Can I Search for Criminal Records in Tucson Online?

For criminal matters, you can visit the Tucson City Court to obtain copies of criminal police reports and disclosures. For all inquiries regarding court-generated records or criminal history records, including video recordings, arrest records, and inmate records contact (520) 724-3171 Tucson City Court for more information.

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