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At, we know how important it is to obtain this legal document as soon as possible after a motor vehicle crash, which is why we’ve created this extensive collision report information center to help accident victims get a copy of their traffic accident reports as soon as possible. To start your search now, fill out the form on this page and submit your accident information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Crash Report?

You can get a copy of your Walnut Creek police report at, or you can go through the Walnut Creek Police Department.The Walnut Creek Police Department offers four ways to request your report.


Visit the Walnut Creek Police Department to obtain a copy of your traffic crash report. You must fill out a Records Release Request Form, pay the appropriate fee, and show your valid photo ID.The Walnut Creek Police Department is located at:1st Floor of City Hall1666 North Main StreetWalnut Creek, CA94596Records Division Phone: 925-943-5890Hours of Operation:8:00 am – 5:00 pmMonday – ThursdayClosed Fridays

By Mail

Send a written request to the Walnut Creek Police Department. You must include a copy of your valid photo ID, the accident report fee, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.Send your report to:1st Floor of City Hall1666 North Main StreetWalnut Creek, CA94596


Contact the department to learn how you can request your collision report by fax.


Visit the Walnut Creek Police Department’s website to learn how to obtain a copy of your crash report online.

When Will My Report Be Available?

Walnut Creek Police Department accident reports are typically available within five to ten days. If you requested your report and it’s still not available after ten days, contact the Walnut Creek Police Records Division.

How Much Do Accident Reports Cost?

Traffic crash reports are $5 per copy.

What Information is in a Collision Report?

A crash report is a legal document filled out by a police officer who responds to the scene of an accident. These documents will detail how and why the accident occurred, which driver the police officer believes was negligent, in addition to other information, such as:

  • Vehicle damage,
  • Any bodily injuries,
  • The contact information for all parties involved
  • The date, time, and location of the crash
  • License plate numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Actions of police officers
  • Details on crimes (if any)
  • Accident type, such as multi-car crash, motorcycle crash, 3-vehicle crash
  • Accident details, such as any contributing factors to the crash. Contributing factors can include road closures, traffic jams, other accidents, debris on the road, or inclement weather.

Who Can Get an Unredacted Traffic Report?

Eligible parties who can obtain a copy of a crash report include all parties involved in the accident, the parent or legal guardian of a minor, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, accident attorneys, and vehicle owners.

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Collision Report?

If you were involved in an auto accident that was not your fault you may be entitled to compensation. Crash reports contain important information that can help strengthen your claim and prove the other driver was negligent. This information includes the police officer’s accident investigation findings, where they detail how and why the accident occurred, anything that contributed to the accident, and which driver they believed was negligent. Other helpful information found in a traffic accident report can include any citations issued, a diagram of the accident scene, any injuries you sustained, vehicle damage, and road and weather conditions.Your attorney will use the information in this legal document to help prove the other driver should be held accountable for their negligence.

How Can I Get My Police Crash Report Online?

At, you can take advantage of our extensive crash report information center where you can locate a copy of your California crash report as soon as it’s available. Searches are fast, simple, and hassle-free. Start your search now by filling out the form on this page and submitting your accident information to get assistance.
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