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Missouri Accident Reports - FAQ

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Missouri Crash Report?

If you were involved in an auto accident in Missouri, you can search for your crash report here at and obtain a copy instantly.You can also request copies of police reports by mail or visit your local police department and pick up a copy of your report in person. If the accident took place outside of a local police department’s jurisdiction, such as on a highway, you will need to contact the Missouri Highway Patrol at:Law enforcement phone number: (573) 751-3313Normal business hours are: 8 am-4 pm M-FOr send a mail-in request to:ATTN: Police Records Unit1510 East Elm Street P.O. Box 568Jefferson City, MO 65102Or visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol Records Division located at:Academy Building1510 East Elm StreetJefferson City, MO 65102

When Will My Traffic collision Report Be Available?

Missouri police reports are available within 7-10 business days after a car crash, however, requests for copies of accident reports are processed in the order they’re received. If you have waited more than ten business days for your report, contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol to learn more. A letter of request may take longer to process since requests are processed in the order they are received.

How Much Does a Traffic Accident Report Cost?

The cost of a Missouri or Louisiana accident report will vary from law enforcement agency to law enforcement agency and can also depend on the length of the report. In most cases, a public records report will have a price that ranges from $8.00 to $35.00.

What Information is in a Crash Report?

In an accident report, you’ll find the following information:

  • Location of incident type
  • Incident time
  • Date accident took place
  • Description of property damage
  • Description of personal injuries including injury type
  • Contact information for all parties involved
  • License plate number or VIN
  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Automobile accident type (single-vehicle accident, scooter accident, motorcycle accident, rollover, semi-truck accident,rear-end collision, etc.)
  • Anything that may have contributed to the auto accident (debris on road, drunk driving, speeding, failure to yield, etc.)
  • Police officer’s name and badge number
  • Name of the reporting law enforcement agency
  • Any arrests made or citations issued (reckless driving, DWI, DUI, following too closely, etc.)

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Traffic Incident Report?

Many Missouri residents are involved in auto accidents every year. The process that comes after an automobile accident or injury can be very overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, you can obtain a copy of your Missouri accident report with all the information concerning your collision.

Filing an Insurance Claim or Personal Injury Lawsuit 

A car crash report can be used as evidence when you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver. A personal injury lawyer will use an incident report when negotiating with the insurance company for a fair settlement for pain and suffering, vehicle damage, lost wages, and more.But in many cases, an accident victim may have to wait several days or weeks for their report to become available, since these orders are usually processed in the order they’re received. If you sustained catastrophic injuries and/or your vehicle was totaled in the accident, you don’t have time to waste; you need to obtain your traffic accident report as soon as possible.

How Can I Get a Missouri Crash Report Online?

You can obtain your traffic accident report online at Our comprehensive online crash report support center allows you to search for reports from all over the state of Missouri. If you don’t have time to wait for your report to arrive in the mail, or you’re unable to pick up your copy in person, offers the fastest and most convenient way to get a copy of your report as soon as it’s available. Take advantage of our collision report help center and start your search now.Fill Out the Form on this Page to Begin Your Online Accident Report Search

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