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At AccidentReports.com, we know how stressful and overwhelming life can be for the accident victim after a motor vehicle accident.On our site, you’ll find a comprehensive support center that allows you to search for crash reports from law enforcement agencies from all over the state of Utah. Searching is simple and hassle-free. Don’t put off obtaining this important document for your records. Start your search now.

Utah Accident Reports Online - FAQ

The DI-9 Utah Crash Report

The DI-9 Utah Crash Report form is the official form used by police officers and other responding law enforcement agencies to determine the cause of an accident, document accident details, people involved and identify which party was responsible for the incident.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Traffic collision Report?

You can fill out the form on this page at AccidentReports.com and submit your accident information to start your crash report search, or you can obtain a copy of your Utah police report through a local law enforcement agency.You must contact the law enforcement agency in the county the accident occurred. If you were involved in an accident on a highway, you will need to contact the Utah Highway Patrol Department in the appropriate county.The Utah County Sheriff’s Office serves contract cities and unincorporated areas of Utah County.The Utah County Sheriff’s Office offers two ways to obtain a copy of your collision report.

Public Records Request In-Person

You can visit the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and fill out a Records Request Form to receive copies of police reports.The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is located at:County Security Center3075 North MainSpanish Fork, UT84660Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PMMon – Fri, excluding holidaysContact the Sheriff’s Officer prior to pick up to ensure that your traffic crash report is available.Phone: (801)-851-4000

By Mail

You can send a written request to:Utah Sheriff’s OfficeRecords DivisionCounty Security Center3075 North MainSpanish Fork, UT84660

Who Can Obtain a Copy of a Crash Report?

Utah police reports are provided to the following:

  • A person involved in the crash, excluding witnesses
  • The parent or legal guardian of a minor involved in the accident
  • Insurance companies
  • Accident attorneys
  • A licensed private investigator

What Information is in a Collision Report?

  • The reporting police officer’s opinion regarding who they believe was at fault
  • Crash diagram
  • Accident type, such as head-on collision, hit-and-run collision, motorcycle accident, semi-truck accident, pedestrian accident, etc.
  • Location of accident
  • Time of accident
  • Date incident took place
  • License plate number and VIN for each vehicle
  • Official actions of police officers
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Insurance information
  • Any citations issued or criminal charges (DWI, DUI, speeding)
  • Cause of the accident (debris on the road, speeding, traffic congestion, drunk driving, etc.)A description of personal injuries sustained, vehicle damage

How Much Does a Police report Cost?

A Utah accident report is $5.00 per report.

When Will My Salt Lake City Traffic Accident Report Be Available?

Some police record traffic reports may be released at the time of the request. However, most crash reports will take ten business days, and can take up to three weeks before they’re available. Fatal crashes can take longer to process, which means requests for records will be delayed until the Police Department closes the accident investigation. 

Why Do I Need a Copy of My Incident report?

Sustaining a serious injury as the result of an auto accident that was not your fault can make life very stressful and overwhelming. When you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident in Salt Lake City and faced with costly medical bills and unable to work, you may be struggling to make ends meet, which can add more stress to an already difficult situation. If you plan to pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, then you must obtain a copy of your Utah accident report.

Filing an Insurance Claim or Personal Injury Lawsuit

An accident report can be used as a key piece of evidence in your accident claim or lawsuit. The report includes information such as a description of the crash scene, any injuries sustained in the accident, vehicle damage, other property damage, and citation information. The report will also include other important information, such as the police officer’s opinion concerning who they believe may be at fault for the accident.As you can see, if you were involved in an accident that was caused by a negligent driver, obtaining a copy of your crash report can help to strengthen your claim.In many cases, a law enforcement agency in Salt Lake City will require the accident victim to pick up a copy of their request in person or mail in a written request. Both options can result in waiting several days or weeks for your report.Fortunately, there’s a faster, more convenient way to get your crash report when you need it the most. 

How Can I Get a Copy of My Utah Crash Report Online?

At AccidentReports.com, you can take advantage of our information center to locate crash reports from law enforcement agencies in Salt Lake City and all over the state of Utah. Now, you can obtain a copy of this important document for your records, the minute it’s available. Take advantage of our innovative support center and start your search now.

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