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Life after an auto accident can be very stressful. Getting a copy of your crash report is just one more thing you have to do, in addition to making it to doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, and more. At we’ve made it easy for accident victims to get their crash reports online as soon as possible. To begin your search, fill out the form on this page and submit your accident information to get assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Copy of My Accident Report From the Scottsdale Police Department?

You can get a copy of your crash report from, or you can go through the Scottsdale Police Department.The Scottsdale Police Department offers two ways to get a copy of your Scottsdale accident report.

Request Records In-Person

You can request a copy of your public records in person from the law enforcement agency by fax, online, or phone. When the report is available it must be picked up in person.Accident reports are available from the Records Section of the Police Department. The Records Section is located at the east end of Police Headquarters. You must fill out a Police Department Records Request Form and pay the appropriate fee.City of Scottsdale – Police Department8401 E. Indian School RoadScottsdale, AZ 85251Police Records Lobby hours of operation:Monday – Thursday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (except for city holidays)Friday – Sunday: ClosedCall To Expedite the ProcessIf you’re picking up your report in person, call the Records Section at (480)-312-1999 to expedite the process or schedule an appointment for pick up

Buy Online

You can purchase your police incident report online. The Police Department works with a third party that offers copies of crash reports online for a fee using a valid credit card or debit card. To learn more, visit the Police Department’s website.

How Much Does a Collision Report Cost?

A Scottsdale or Sierra Vista police report will cost $10.00 per report. Payment is due at processing time.

What Other Types of Records are Available from the Scottsdale Police Department?

You can fill out a Records Request Form for:

    • Arrest records from assault to burglaries and other criminal charges
    • Burglary – motor vehicle report
    • Jail records

For other types of records, such as property records or vital records, visit the City Clerks’ office.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Copy of My Crash Report?

In most cases, your report should be available in five to seven business days, unless your accident involved criminal damage, death, or an active criminal investigation, in which case, it could take several months before your report is available.

What Information is in a Maricopa County Accident Report?

  • The names and contact details of all parties involved
  • Time of accident
  • Date of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Time of police contact
  • Actions of police officers
  • Diagram of the crash site
  • Witness statements and contact details
  • Police investigation findings

Why Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Accident Report?

Motor vehicle accidents can have a devastating impact on your life, from a mounting pile of medical bills, financial hardship due to time lost at work, and emotional and physical pain and suffering. As you’re recovering from your injuries, filing an insurance claim or lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind, but if you’re out of work due to your injuries, you need compensation to cover the cost of your medical bills and other accident-related expenses. Scottsdale accident reports can be used as key evidence in a successful auto insurance claim or lawsuit. These reports contain important information concerning who was involved in the accident, how the accident occurred, and who the responding law enforcement officer believes may be responsible for the accident. You need to obtain this report as soon as possible after your collision, to get your insurance claim or lawsuit going. If you’re not able to travel to the Police Department, offers a more convenient and faster way to get this important document.

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Copy of My Collision Report? makes searching for your collision report fast and simple. We made it our mission to help accident victims obtain a copy of their accident report, quickly and from the comfort of their homes. Use our accident report information center now to search for your AZ crash report today.Fill Out the Form on this Page to Find a Copy of Your Auto Report, Instantly

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