What is the Tempe Police Department Address?

140 E 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Sections of the Tempe Police Department

The Tempe Police Department’s leadership includes a Chief of Police and a highly competent command staff. The department comprises several major units, each playing a specific role:

  • Emergency and Non-emergency Dispatch: This unit operates around the clock, taking calls for both emergencies and non-emergencies. The emergency number is 9-1-1, while the non-emergency line is 480-350-8311. They facilitate immediate responses to crises and connect citizens with appropriate services for less urgent concerns.
  • Community Health and Public Safety: This section manages the department’s community outreach and engagement efforts. They deliver vital public safety news and updates via email subscription, fostering a sense of transparency and trust between the department and the community.
  • Recruitment: The recruitment team is tasked with finding suitable candidates for dispatchers and police officers, aiming to keep the department fully staffed with dedicated professionals committed to serving the community.
  • Force Policies: This unit oversees the department’s use-of-force policies, ensuring they adhere to local, state, and federal laws. They also manage an FAQ to help the public understand these policies.

History of the Tempe Police Department

The Tempe Police Department has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. After the incorporation of the Town of Tempe in November 1894, George Compton was elected as the first town marshal on January 14, 1895. Since then, the department has grown alongside the city, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the Tempe community. Over the years, the Tempe Police Department has remained dedicated to upholding law and order, protecting the public, and improving community wellbeing.

How the Tempe Police Department Serves the Area

The Tempe Police Department works tirelessly to serve and protect the area through various initiatives. They have an open line of communication with the community, offering different avenues for contact, including traditional calls and a virtual portal. Additionally, the department allows the public to listen to calls via the Broadcastify app, further emphasizing its commitment to transparency.

The department is a true community partner, fostering collaborations and partnerships with various sectors. Services such as bicycle registration, alarm permits, and community safety initiatives demonstrate their dedication to proactive policing. They also offer online access to accident reports, promoting accessibility and convenience.

The Tempe Police Department is a progressive and community-oriented law enforcement agency. It continues to serve the community of Tempe, Arizona, with a steadfast commitment to safety, transparency, and public service.

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